Quality, not quantity

To participate in the Miss Gambia Pageant, all the following requirements must be met, with no exceptions:

· Must be a natural born female

· Must be of Gambian Descent

· Must be between the ages of 18-27 at the time of the national pageant competition

· Must be a Citizen, legal permanent resident or hold a valid student visa (and must be able to travel to and from the United states and the Gambia) in the country you are applying from.

o Must have a passport at least 2 months before the National pageant

· Must be a student, have graduated with a C+ Average or planning to enroll at an accredited college, university or trade school (official documentation must be provided)

· Must not be married, never been married and never had a marriage annulled.

· Must have never given birth to a child, cannot be pregnant or be a parent

· Must be able and willing to uphold the characteristics and standards set forth by the Miss Gambia International Scholarship Pageant

· Must be in good health to meet the requirement set forth by the pageant programming

· Must be able to maintain and meet all the time commitments, pageant requirements as set forth by the local, state or national pageant in which you compete.

· Previous pageant experience or Title Holder is not Required

Must disclose if you are auditioning, selected, participating, being considered for any other platforms, including, but not limited to (ie. any TV shows, radio, social media campaigns, TV broadcast, magazines, ambassadorships, etc)

Must disclose if you are in any contractual obligations or have/in a non-compete clause with any parties, organizations or businesses.